Our aims as stated in the Constitution of the Friends are: "To mobilize, encourage, foster and maintain the interest and support of the public in the work of Stamford hospital."

Ophthalmology Room

We met our local MP, Nick Boles, and he has assured us of his strong support for the continuation of the excellent work of Stamford Hospital.

We have a representative on the Stamford Hospital Development and Advisory Group (SHDAC) which meets monthly to review current activity in the hospital and to discuss plans for the future.

We received donations from the county council's "Big Society" fund via two local county councilors, Mr D Brailsford and Mr Trollop-Bellew.

We met Gary Thompson, the Chief Operating Officer of the new South Lincs Commissioning Care Group (CCG), along with Dr Miles Langdon, the Chair of the CCG. We discussed the importance of Stamford Hospital in the delivery of local health care, and were pleased with the enthusiasm of the CCG to commission services at the Hospital.

We met the new Chief Operating Officer of the Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and discussed the value of Stamford Hospital and its high local reputation.

The Friends are also active in raising funds, which have been used for a wide variety of purposes, and increasingly to fund extra pieces of equipment to help develop further the services offered at the Hospital. Here's a few recent acquisitions.

ECG Machine

ECG Machine

Whilst the Minor Injuries Unit is not designed to take patients with cardiac emergencies, such patients do often seek help when they live nearby. This new ECG machine is an important part of the rapid assessment these patients need, and the tracings produced can be transmitted immediately to heart specialists in Peterborough, Papworth or Leicester.

Fall Prevention Equipment

Fall Prevention Equipment

Falls of elderly, confused patients are common in hospitals and are dangerous. This equipment warns the nursing staff that an at risk patient is restless.

Repose Boots

Repose Boots

This equipment is very effective in preventing pressure sores on the heels of immobile patients on the van Geest unit.

Radio for Clinic Room

Radio for Clinic Room

Something to listen to during uncomfortable examinations.

Folding Bed

Folding Bed

This is used by relatives wishing to stay overnight with ill patients on the van Geest unit.

Pediatric Blood Pressure Cuff

Pediatric Blood Pressure Cuff

A special small cuff for small arms.

Baby/Child Scales

Baby/Child Scales

These are new very accurate scales to allow quick weighing of children which is an important part of monitoring their progress and determining the doses of any medicines they may need.

Plaster Saw

Plaster Saw

This is used to remove solid plasters from patients, as are used for broken bones. The new saw is quieter and quicker than the old models which helps reduce the patients' anxiety.

Adolescent Wheelchair

Adolescent Wheelchair

A smaller more comfortable chair for our smaller patients.


Television in day theatre recovery room

In the day case unit patients often need to wait some hours until they are well enough to go home, and watching TV helps pass the time.

Comfy Chair

Comfortable, adjustable chair in recovery room of the day unit

This chair is fully reclinable and can at the press of a button become a flat bed. This is important for patients recovering from general anaesthetic or heavy sedation.

Cystoscopy Equipment

Cystoscopy (examination of the bladder) equipment in day theatre

The bladder can be examined in detail under light sedation using this state of the art equipment, which is central to the one stop haematuria (blood in the urine) investigation service.

Falls Monitoring Equipment

Falls monitoring equipment in the JVG unit

Restless and confused elderly patients are at great risk of falling. This equipment is used to alert staff to the fact that at risk patients are getting out of bed.

Reclining Chair

Comfortable reclining chair for phlebotomy (blood sampling) suite

This comfortable chair helps patients relax when having blood samples taken, and if they feel faint the chair can be made flat at the touch of a button.

Volunteer's Corner

Volunteer's corner in the out patient department

The volunteers greet patients at the main entrance, make them feel welcome and guide them to the correct department. In their corner there are information boards, leaflets and books for sale (proceeds to the Friends).

Visual Field Analyser

Visual field analyser for eye clinic

Recording visual fields this is an essential part of the assessment of patients with eye disease, and particularly glaucoma. This device is very sophisticated and patient friendly.

Screen and Printer

Screen and printer for colposcopy equipment in the out patient department

This allows trainee doctors and nurses to see what is being done and also the nurse assistant to be more involved in the examinations. The printer provides the capacity to record visually what has been seen.

Outpatients Gynaecology Couch

Gynaecology couch for the out patient department

This comfortable and adjustable examination couch helps patients relax as far as is possible when having such examinations, and makes the examination easier, quicker and more effective.

Large Wheel Chair

Large wheel chair

This especially wide chair is for the increasing number of patients who will not fit into standard chairs.

Stamford Hospital Museum Display Cabinet

Stamford Hospital Museum display cabinet

The Friends have been pleased to give financial support to the Hospital Museum as a token of our admiration and thanks to the Matron, Susan Brooks, who has worked tirelessly with colleagues to establish such a powerful and interesting record of the nearly 200 year history.

Out Patient Garden

Out patient garden

We have made a small financial contribution, and all the work to establish and care for the garden has been done by hospital staff. This is a good example of the commitment of the staff to the hospital.

Relatives' Room

Refurb of relatives' room

Relatives waiting for patients to complete their treatment are often anxious and upset. We have funded the refurbishment of this room to help provide a calming and comfortable space.

Child's Wheelchair

Child's wheelchair

There are more patients who are children using the Hospital. This is an example of how we feel it important to cater for their particular needs.

Volunteers Cupboard

Volunteers cupboard

The volunteers are a very important part of the Hospital and provide an invaluable service, welcoming and directing patients when they arrive. They also sell a lot of books providing funds to the Friends. The cupboard helps keep their area tidy and efficient.

Toybox for MIU

Toybox for MIU

This is another example of our efforts to make children welcome and happy when they come to the Hospital.

Audio visual ticket machine

Audio visual ticket machine

Sometimes, when busy, there is a wait for blood tests. This machine is to make sure that everyone is seen in turn.

Dining table and chairs

Dining table and chairs

The Van Geest unit has been refurbished by the Trust recently and is a valuable part of the services of the Hospital. This new furniture was much needed.

Wall-mounted TV brackets

Wall-mounted TV brackets

TVs on bed-side lockers are a liability and can so easily be knocked over. The wall brackets have made a big difference.

Hand function instrument

Hand function instrument

This equipment is used to measure hand function and assists the hand surgeons in assessing and following the progress of their patients.

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