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The Friends of Stamford Hospital help in many ways but primarily we promote care within Stamford Hospital through:

Friends receive a Newsletter twice a year and various events are organized including an annual speech at the AGM.

Mr. Sharma

This year's speaker was Mr. Sunil Sharma, Consultant Urologist, who gave an informative talk entitled: "BLOOD IN THE URINE".

Mr. Sharma works at Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals, and at Stamford runs a "one stop" haematuria [blood in the urine] clinic, which allows the rapid assessment of patients with this common and worrying symptom. This is one of the many much-valued services offered by the Hospital. Mr. Sharma was nominated at a recent awards ceremony held by the Hospital's Trust as the "Stamford Hospital Hero" on account of his supportiveness, kindness and great sense of humour.

The volunteers also run an invaluable second hand book stall in Stamford Hospital reception area.

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At present the annual subscription is just 5.00 per person, payable on the first of January. To reduce administration, Standing Orders are preferred.