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The Friends of Stamford Hospital are very pleased to hear that the work described below is starting imminently. We remain grateful for all the support we have received from local people and we spend much time and effort articulating your views to the Hospital Trust. We are determined to do all we can to ensure the future of Stamford Hospital and are pleased that the Trust is prepared to make this investment. We are confident that more will follow and we need your continued support.

Exciting News!

AGM 2016

Mr. Sharma

I am sure all of you who were able to attend the AGM on 21/4/16 found the talk by Mr. Sharma fascinating. The service offered by his department is of great value to local people and we are all grateful to him and his staff for all they do.

The accounts of the Friends for 2014 and 2015 were accepted and can be seen below.

2014 & 2015 Accounts for Members

It is disappointing that the planned development of the out patient department and minor injuries unit has been delayed because of the failure of the Department of Health to confirm this year's capital allocation. Hopefully this will be remedied soon. The Friends have raised a considerable sum of money to support new and innovative services at the Hospital and we are looking forward to hearing of clear proposals as to how these funds can be best used.

Sue Brooks, the Matron, gave a most helpful report about activity in the Hospital as follows:

Matron's Report

We continue to raise funds to support the work of Stamford Hospital and we are particularly keen to help fund new initiatives that bring in new services. Our volunteers continue to sell a remarkable number of books and all the proceeds go to the Friends. Please continue to support them by buying and donating books. Members of the Friends are also on the Heritage Committee and Friends' money has just financed the archive storage boxes for the old documents in the museum. Also recently we have been the recipients of a very generous bequest. We are looking forward to receiving ideas from the hospital's staff on how these funds would be best spent. Recent valued acquisitions have been a nerve stimulator and bladder scanner.

The Hospital remains busy and all the feedback received from surveys indecate how much patients value the services there. This of course is largely due to the high quality of the Hospital's staff, many of whom have been through a very unsettling time when the future of the Hospital was uncertain. Hopefully that is all behind us. I am sure the Members of the Friends will join me in thanking the dedicated staff of Stamford Hospital for all they do on our behalf.

Michael Dronfield, Chairman


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